Chrstimas in Japan

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If you've been wondering.. yes, even japanese people celebrate Christmas. But don't expect too much, especially if you're christian or religious, because Japan's Christmas is very different from what western countries usually do.

That is because it's a celebration borrowed from western countries that believes is the birthday of Jesus Christ. Well, Japan is mostly a mix of Shintoist or Buddhist. 

So, in the end, what is Christmas like in Japan?
It's a party of lights. Infact, you can find plenty of decorations around the streets and inside shops, with special sales etc, but that's it.

Also, Christmas in Japan is not an holiday, you get to work like always. In the evening some go to fancy restaurant -usually fully booked- or do a gathering of friends in a karaoke place or something like that. 
And if you don't have any of that you spend it at home with your family.

But infact, Christmas is considered a couple-holiday in Japan, the second one after Valentine-day. You eat a cake and exchange a gift, basically it's the same. 

Now onto the cake, the Chrismas cake is very popular in Japan. It's definitely something like a tradition for them during this holiday. They are usually very small cakes, decorated with Christmas characters and props.

These little cakes are called 'short-cakes' and this particular one is the 'Kurimasu Keki', that is to say the 'Christmas Cake' written in Katakana.

That's it.  There is no real spirit in Chrismas for Japanese. They do say a lot about Santa but have not clear ideas about the story LOL. Anyway it's wonderful to see, the streets, and the malls are all heavily decorated and I think it's great to see.
So it's メリー・クリスマス (Merii Kurisumasu) to you all! :) -sorry it already passed but I just had no time-

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